The Road From Here

A short film by Jud Dagnall

I spent several months in 2000 writing, directing and editing my first short film called The Road From Here. In the film, an attractive female hitchhiker named Alexia is picked up by a mysterious hustler (Val). As soon as she gets in the car, she discovers that she may have gotten more than she bargained for. As their journey progresses, Alexia must find a way to develop a bond with him before it is too late. Lauren Hylle plays the rebellious hitchhiker, and Cody Crossman is the mysterious driver.

The Road From Here was filmed entirely with two Canon DV cameras, the XL-1 and the Elura. I did almost all of the camera work, and edited the film on a PC workstation from DV Gear. I used a Canopus DVREX M-1 video capture card, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and AfterEffects. One of the more exciting challenges of the project was that Cody couldn't drive a stick-shift before we began filming. We filmed over a two-month period, primarily between Monterey and Highway 5, about an hour east of Watsonville. Total expenses for the project were under $1000 (meals, gas, and some equipment), one of the great advantages of using DV. The project was an exercise in dealing with limitations, and working around the things that we just couldn't do. For example, since Cody had some trouble driving, many of his driving scenes were shot on a small frontage road in an artichoke field in Salinas. Because we were going at about 10 MPH, but needed to maintain the illusion that we were driving on a remote highway, I had to film him by lying down in the passengers seat and filming upward, so that only the sky could be seen through the window next to him. Guerilla film-making at its best!

I learned a lot about the process of film-making during this project, and I am looking forward to making another short. I'd like to work on a music-video type film that made use of a lot of visual effects, but that's down the road from here!

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[1]What is Divx? Divx is a format for compressing movies (a codec). Because of the dramatic reduction in filesizes that are possible, it is gaining popularity on the web.